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VigRXPLUS solves erectile problems without any side effects!

Since its introduction in 1999, Viagra has made a powerful name for itself in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or ED. It was so successful that two new drugs named Cialis and Levitra arrived to compete with it. More and more men are addressing and treating a problem that has plagued them for centuries – soft or short-lived erections.

But although viagra and similiar drugs have proven effective for millions of men, some find the side effects a problem to deal with. Known side effects of viagra often include headaches, facial flushing and indigestion. Even more serious, if Viagra is taken with drugs like nitroglycerine it can cause sudden and potentially deadly drops in blood pressure! You should always seek a doctors advice when taking viagra. The risks can also increase with your age.

Drugs are not for everyone,
Side-effects are a very real possibility.

Many men find the side effects off-putting enough that they go in search of another solution.
That’s where drugs with natural supplements like VigRX come in. VigRX and the new VIFRXPLUS are possibly the most popular of these herbal pills. Many men find it gives them similar results, minus any nasty side effects!

VigRX™ can solve ED,
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Medical proof – natural herbs actually work!
Many drugs were developed using traditional herbal medicines as a starting point. Modern drug research has often started with ancient folklore about a given plant or extract, known to native peoples for having a given medical effect. They isolate the basic compounds or active ingredients, and then prepare a product for sale on the market.

Most cultures have natural botanical cures for sexual improvement and erection issues that have been passed down through the years. While some were simply placebos that gave unreliable results, many others were extremely valid, and later became medically proven to have effects on the penile tissue. Medical proof continues to be added to the list every day.

The power of herbal supplements

Many of the herbs directly affect the corpus cavernosa, otherwise known as the erectile bodies within the penis. Many of the ingredients in VigRX have undergone extensive US clinical studies that has proven they can be effective for increasing penis ability, erection size, and in treating general erection problems.
While the exact actions of Muira Puama are not yet fully known by science, its effectiveness as a solution to impotence has been clinically proven. A study conducted at the Institute of Sexology in Paris showed that over 50% of the large study group reported significant improvement after using Muria Puama daily for two weeks. Over 60% of men who suffered from low sex drive had ‘a dramatic effect’.
A second study showed even stronger results! In a group who complained of low libido, weak erections, or other sexual issues, between 55% and 70% of men who used the herb Muira Puama reported significant increases in sexual performance and desire.
In the same study, a group diagnosed with common sexual asthenia, and the inability to produce an erection suitable to have sex, 90% of cases found treatment with Muira Puama to have a beneficial effect!

Other studies show that the Epimedium hern (often called ‘Horny Goat Weed’) helps sexual performance in several ways.

It increases the level of various hormones including serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, when they fall below certain levels. This promotes higher energy levels and reduces any stress hormones that depress sex drive and causing fatigue.
Epimedium also contains a number of flavonoids (plant compounds found in many green plants), one of which is known as icariin. Icariin can have a direct effect on erections. In medical terms, it is known as PDE5 inhibitor, which is the main effect obtained by prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Other ingredients in VigRX include both Ginseng and Ginko, both of which have hundreds of clinical studies showing their effects on the human body, not the least of which are improved circulation to peripheral circulation , increased libido and sexual functions.

With drugs like Viagra, the pharmaceutical companies must provide clinical proof that their products are safe, and therefore spend little or no attention on the natural alternatives. There is however, a growing body of knowledge that proves that the natural alternatives are just as effective!

All the herbal ingredients have sufficient medical backing and years of proof to qualify VigRX as a totally viable and effective natural alternative, without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra. Moreover, the combination of around 12 of these natural herbs, make an extremely powerful combination that increases your size, strength and all round good health.

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